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Disneyland for Grown Ups


Disneyland For Grownups

LP Website Design Role

Website Designer, Graphic Designer, Website Maintenance, Hosting and Support, Social Media Services

This is a state of the art WordPress blog. The primary goal is the promotion of blogger as expert source for Disneyland insider information. The approach is to maximize use of imagery, graphics, fonts, colors and layouts to allow large amounts of information to be scanned and understood by the visitor. It is also to excite and entice the visitor to comment and/or follow the blog.

This is multi post blog website with responsive design. Features include logo, extensive photography, jQuery animation, accordions, informational photo sliders, photo carousel, social media sharing links, blog comment form and blog feature links. LP Website Design provided:

  • website design
  • image creation
  • responsive layout
  • implementation
  • URL search/purchase
  • website hosting
  • maintenance
  • search engine optimization
  • Google Analytics
  • social media analysis
  • social media weekly posting