About LP Website Design

Who We Are

With over 25 years in digital marketing, website development and web support, LP Website Design has been providing full-service web services with demonstrable success.  Our employees have proven experience from small business to global corporations.   LP Website Design experts are degreed in Web Design, Engineering and Graphic Design.


Web sites, social media and digital marketing campaigns are living entities.  Creating exciting state-of-the-art web products is just a first step.  Products must be constantly monitored, tested and updated to keep up with changing needs, latest technologies, functionality and user experiences.  

Web presence is not a stand alone endeavor.  Dependencies must be regularly assessed  and updated.  Social media and digital marketing integration, SEO (search engine optimization) tracking, competitive analysis and visitor activity are integral ingredients that require monitoring.  

LP Website Design is passionate about keeping our client's web presence stable, effective and current.  Our support is second to none - it is what defines us as a premiere quality web services provider.

Our Skills

At LP Website Design, extensive technological expertise allows us to create web products that are effective, efficient and visionary.
HTML, CSS,  JavaScript
WordPress Experts
e-Commerce, WooCommerce
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Adobe Creative Suite
Microsoft Office
Image creation/editing
Video creation/editing
Audio creation/editing
Social Media Content and Media
Digital Email Campaigns
Landing Pages
Print Media
Competitive Analysis
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